USMD’s mission is to empower physicians to deliver high-quality, cost-effective healthcare through ownership of healthcare facilities and services.

USMD Hospital Services

USMD currently manages the operations of two hospitals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  Both facilities are physician owned and led and are ranked in the top 1% of hospitals nationwide as surveyed by Press Ganey, the healthcare industry’s leading independent ratings organization. Physicians prefer our model of hospital operations to traditional, non-physician led facilities because we provide physicians with greater scheduling flexibility, more consistent nurse staffing and faster turnaround time between cases.

USMD Hospital at Arlington

With nine oversized state-of-the-art operating rooms and two procedural rooms, USMD Hospital at Arlington is equipped for a wide variety of cases.  Our extensive surgical experience and expertise with three da Vinci Systems has made USMD Hospital at Arlington a leader in the DFW metroplex, and one of the top ten robotic surgery programs in the world.

If an overnight stay is required, the hospital offers 34 private inpatient suites complete with WiFi, a small refrigerator, TV and an additional bed for an attending family visitor.  What further differentiates this hospital from its competitors is its 1:5 nurse to patient ratio versus the national average of 1:8.

USMD Hospital at Fort Worth

USMD Hospital at Fort Worth is a unique physician-owned facility where clinical and surgical excellence is the everyday standard. Designed and built with the patient in mind, USMD Hospital at Fort Worth offers separate entrances and facilities for pediatric and adult patients, including separate registration, waiting, pre-op, surgery and recovery areas.  The hospital opened  in March 2008 and offers six state-of-the-art surgical suites and eight private inpatient suites

USMD Cancer Treatment Centers

USMD currently manages 6 Cancer Treatment Centers throughout the United States.  Our centers specialize in delivering radiation therapy with a seasoned and experienced clinical team.  With our centers being physician owned and led, physicians have more control over their patients’ treatments and we can deliver the kind of individualized care and attention patients should be able to expect from a Cancer Treatment Center

Physician Practice Management


USMD|MCNT is a dynamic, multi-specialty physician practice group that provides professional medical services to patients throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. With more than 40 clinics and nearly 200 providers, USMD|MCNT offers convenient locations all around the metroplex. USMD|MCNT physicians are board-certified primary care physicians and specialists who are committed to promoting good health and healthy lifestyles for their patients. Most importantly, their physicians place the patients’ needs above all else.


USMD|UANT, with more than 50 providers and 30 locations throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, is one of the nation’s largest fully-integrated urology practices. USMD|UANT is a unique combination of experienced and fellowship trained physicians, utilizing state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, with a commitment to excellence and a relentless pursuit of quality.

USMD Health System Locations