USMD Hospital Model

The USMD Hospital Model derives its benefits and attractions from a number of significant elements.  They include:

Centralized Revenue Cycle Management provides new and underperforming facilities with the strength of a robust revenue cycle, operations and business development team, for a risk-sharing ownership/management fee structure.

The USMD Track Record and national network of USMD physician partnerships will be used to help develop new hospitals and ASCs.

Pediatric Surgery Alternatives will be provided to patients, physicians and managed care payers who are currently limited to the few pediatric hospitals in major cities across the country.

ASC Efficiencies with Hospital Operability will be provided to hospitals, ASCs and physician groups by eliminating duplication of services and information technology capitalization.

Physician Ownership is a key ingredient to the success of USMD Hospital Model facilities and offers the potential for lower risk due to physician participation and USMD’s proven record of accomplishment.

Patient Focused Care ensures that all decisions made in USMD Hospital Model facilities focus on providing our patients, and their families, with high quality care in a compassionate environment.

Employee Empowerment in a USMD Hospital Model facility means that employees are empowered through USMD policies and procedures to provide high quality, compassionate Patient Focused Care.