SeniorCare Member Support

For More Information about USMD SeniorCare Call: (972) 847-0772

USMD SeniorCare is an integrated program designed to provide senior patients with high-quality, effective and efficient healthcare while addressing the specific needs of these patients and their caregivers.

As a USMD SeniorCare member, you have access to Medicare Advantage, a government-supported healthcare program that provides everything traditional medicare offers, plus special benefits and reduced cost. Your main contact is your USMD | MCNT SeniorCare doctor. Find A Doctor

He or she:

  • Gives you regular health screenings, routine check-ups and vaccinations.
  • Thoroughly explains test results to you and your family or caregiver
  • Oversees medical services you receive from specialists
  • Helps ensure you get the right tests and treatment, at the right time, by the right provider
  • Helps you learn skills to stay healthy and manage your health problems

Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (NP) are part of your team, too.

PAs or NPs are licensed medical practitioners with the education and experience to provide patient care under the supervision of a licensed doctor. Your USMD | MCNT SeniorCare doctor carefully reviews the notes of your PA and NP and works with them to provide the care you need.

By turning over some tasks to the PA or NP, your doctor gets to spend more quality time with you during your visits.

Your PA or NP may perform tasks like:

  • Taking medical histories
  • Giving physical examinations
  • Performing therapeutic procedures
  • Patient education and counseling
  • Providing follow-up care and developing treatment plans
  • Writing prescriptions

Preferred Specialists

As a USMD I MCNT patient, you have access to many USMD specialists. Please consult with your USMD | MCNT SeniorCare doctor before talking to a specialist. Find A Specialist

Preferred Hospitals

We work with several local hospitals in your area. Check with your doctor to determine a plan of care. Find A Hospital